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  1. Nutrition Consulting
    Nutrition Consulting
    Are you ready to make healthier choices? Tired of being sick and tired? Let us perform an assessment of your current diet & lifestyle. You will then receive a detailed report of your nutrient deficiencies and excesses together with a 5-day meal plan with recipes, list of beneficial foods, supplement protocol and lifestyle recommendations.
  2. Ionic Foot Detox
    Ionic Foot Detox
    Try our ionic detox foot bath this is a natural method of assisting the body in eliminating harmful toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful foreign matter. The sessions last between 30-40 minutes and continues working 24-48 hrs afterwards. Beneficial for an enhanced immune system, better sleep, joint stiffness, liver and kidney function and much more.
  3. Spa Parties
    Spa Parties
    Gather your girlfriends and enjoy pampering, relaxing treatments in your own surroundings! Idea for Children's Parties, Girls Night In. Enjoy relaxing Facials & Foot Soaks!
Nutrition Seminars give you the knowledge you need to achieve your goals... 
We provide educational seminars to small groups, contact us for more info
Nutrition & Health Consultants

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Complete our Nutrtion Assessment form and return to us for your complete diet & lifestyle analysis
  1. Supplements
    Nature's Sunshine's Supplies Let the WHM team of professionals guide you so that you can live a much healthier, energetic and pain-free lifestyle. All supplements through Natures sunshine meet the highest standards to ensure quality and safety
  2. Nutrition Specialists
    Consultations by Skype, Phone & email.
  3. Discounts & Special Offers
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Spa Parties R Us

Time to relax and unwind...