$25 for (30) mins. Ionic Foot Detox, add Essential Oil Foot Soak (15) mins for $10.

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Improving Your Health One Step at a Time

Improving Your Health One Step at a Time

Let us help you stay healthy!


Let us help you stay healthy!

What We Do


Weight Management

Diet and exercise need to be balanced in order to achieve successful weight loss. You can exercise as much as you'd like but if you are not eating healthy, you will not receive the full benefit of weight loss, and vice versa. We can educate you on ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your lifestyle and create an individualized plan to achieve your goals. 


Nutrition Consulting

Are you ready to make healthier choices?  Tired of being sick and tired? Let us perform an assessment of your current diet & lifestyle. You will then receive a detailed report of your nutrient deficiencies and excesses together with a 5-day meal plan with recipes, list of beneficial foods, supplement protocol and


Detoxing for Health

Try our Ionic detox foot bath this is a natural method of assisting the body in eliminating harmful toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful foreign matter. The sessions last for 30 minutes and continues working 24-48 hrs afterwards.  Beneficial for an enhanced immune system, better sleep, joint stiffness, liver and kidney

What  are the benefits?    

Testimonials from clients have reported it  helping the body with:

Parasite  cleansing Liver detoxification which results in less body fluid  retention Aid in healing of bruises Improving  memory Improved bladder control Improved circulation Pain  relief Headaches Arthritic pain Neutralized free radicals Improved  muscle strength. You  will immediately feel more energized and will very likely have your best night  of sleep in years.

How often do I do it?

It is recommended  at least 2 times a week for 7 weeks, take a break and then another 7 weeks for a  full detox.

The Ionic  Cleanse treatment works by osmosis. The array goes into the water with the feet  and delivers a current that causes the metals within the array and minerals  within the water to generate positively and negatively charged ions. In negative  ion mode, the array attracts positively charged contaminants (like a magnet) and  pulls them through the soles of your feet. With over 2,000 pores on each foot,  it is easier to release toxins this way. Your cells are then energized by the  ions, stimulating the release of toxins, oils, acids, fats, heavy metals, yeast,  cellular debris and waste that have accumulated over your lifetime. The body can  also eliminate parasites, uric acid, and even draw massive amounts of nicotine  from the tissue and joints of people that have quit smoking several years  ago

About Us



Janet knows  that given the right nutrients and personal care, our bodies have beautifully  designed mechanisms that self-heal. Janet is passionate about helping others  make lifestyle changes as she has done for herself and her family. She is a  bridge that listens, educates, and supports clients through individually  tailored, effective nutrition consulting plans, designed to help clients feel  better and live better.

Janet offers health coaching  services where she approaches nutrition in a holistic manner.   Accountability is also a major factor as she connects with her clients every  week.  She uses her experience as a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Health  Coach and Master Herbalist to improve clients  lifestyle

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